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Los Altos Private Residence

Los Altos Private Residence


Los Altos Private Residence

Main Entrance

Los Altos Private Residence

Living Room

Los Altos Private Residence


This contemporary residence was custom designed by a local talented architect who was familiar with the client and his desire for excellence. The architecture, interiors and lighting design were closely coordinated to emphasize the importance of the indoor and outdoor relationship.

The Challenge

The client had a strong vision and was very interested in detail, he became a significant part of the design team.

The Design

The square and trim less recessed lighting fixtures were inspired by the simple, clean and straight lines of the architecture. The client, an engineer, actually designed the lighting system controls that are interactive to occupants so no wall switches are apparent.

A forward thinking design


Excellend opportunity to be part of an innovative design team thinking “out of the box”.


The overall design appears timeless.

Personal Touch

Everything about the house including the entry door hinges that allow operation of heavy doors with one finger, are a unique personal statement of the client’s desire for excellence.

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